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All about our Natural Waxes!

As a candle maker, it can be tedious looking for the right candle wax that not only fit your budget but fit your lifestyle and values. To continue to do our part not only by providing a variety of products to cater to all candle makers we are also doing our part to preserve our environment by carrying products that are 100% natural.

All of our 100% natural waxes can be considered “plant-based” and even vegan as they are processed using naturally derived ingredients. In this blog, our candle-making expert will go over all of our 100% natural products and their benefits.

100% Soy Wax


candle making natural waxes



G1 Superior 100% Soy Wax 45 Lbs. G1 Superior 100% Soy Wax 5 Lbs.

Our new G1 Superior 100% Soy Wax is naturally derived from vegetable soybeans and has many advantages such as an extended burn time, no unsightly black soot, and is less likely to trigger allergies.

 This product has a creamy texture with great glass adhesion and a melting point of 122F – 126F. Manufactured with the candle makers in mind.  While there are other soy waxes available, this was designed and made for candle users, not the food industry.  For example, others will process the wax in less than 2 hours, G1’s process takes over 4 hours.  The slower process leaves many double bonds.  The double bonds are very good to help reduce the chances of fat blooming also known as frosting.


CARGILL C3 NATUREWAX 100% Soy Wax Container 50 lb Case CARGILL C3 Soy Wax Container Blend5lbs Bag

Our Cargill C3 Nature wax is 100% Soy Wax and is quite resistant to bloom (white frosting) and “wet spots” while producing an excellent scent throw with fragrances. This 100% soy wax is specifically designed for container candles, producing an opaque product with a balanced, creamy look and has great adhesion to glass. Shrinkage is minimal when cooling however most jars will require touch-up with a heat gun or a second pouring. It comes in flake form with a melting point of 127℉ and a flash point >600℉.

Our manufacturing processes separate the protein from the oil to create oils that are GMO free. We use only GMO free oils to create our waxes. Our wax has been tested using the PCR test method (the industry standard used to verify non-GMO claims), and the qualitative test results have shown that GMOs are “Not detected.”

Soy wax is a 100% natural wax derived from the vegetable soybeans. Soy wax is made from environmentally friendly, renewable resources. This wax has many advantages: an extended burn time, no unsightly black soot, and it’s a naturally-derived product.

Soy wax is perfect for container candles, tealight candles, wax melts and tarts. Some of the benefits of this wax are clean burning and being long-lasting. Since soy wax has no toxins, it is less likely to trigger allergies. Soy wax burns cooler which means that you can enjoy your soy wax candle for generally 30-50% longer.


100% Beeswax


beeswax natural waxes


100% Refined Beeswax


Our premium-grade, 100% beeswax is all-natural, chemical and particle-free. The beeswax is perfect for candle and soap making, batiking fabric, painting in encaustics, or mixing up a batch of specialty furniture polish. Beeswax candles are also commonly used during religious services as well as numerous hobby and craft projects.

This Beeswax is easy to use and perfect for those who want to craft candles using natural products and again great for the environment.

 100% Beeswax Honeycomb Sheets

100% BEESWAX Honeycomb Sheet (SINGLE) 100% BEESWAX Honeycomb Sheet (CASE OF 200)

Our 100% beeswax honeycomb sheets are richly colored and textured. This beeswax sheet is soft and flexible and can be easily rolled up to make an elegant candle with a natural aroma. By making it with beeswax material, your candle can be used for a long time. This product is perfectly suitable for candle-making, crafts, modeling, bowstring waxing, sealing bottles and jars or just for plain decorating. These uniquely textured sheets are available in different vibrant colors and can be used for rolling taper candles and pillar candles.

As mentioned before each of our 100% natural waxes is considered “plant-based” and even vegan as they are processed using naturally derived ingredients. These products are easy to use and great for not only candle-making but other at-home craft projects you may have.



    As Low As $11.99
  • 100% BEESWAX Honeycomb Sheet (SINGLE)

    100% beeswax honeycomb sheet (SINGLE)

    As Low As $3.59 Each

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