All about novelty candles

The candle-making world is filled with tons of different candles that come in so many different shapes and sizes. The most unique of the bunch would happen to be novelty candles. Although not the most popular type of candle, these candles are the most versatile in terms of their usage and look. They can be given as gifts, used as holiday decorations, used for birthday celebrations, and used for so many other occasions. Although they are the toughest candles to craft for beginners, learning how to make these types of candles can be a fun and enjoyable process for all levels of candle makers.

novelty wax

Which wax works best for novelty candles?

These candles are very similar to pillar candles in the way that both require wax that would not spill over once it is lit up. Rather, novelty candles require a wax that would drip slowly once it has been lit, and a wax that is easy to mold once cooled. The best wax for the job would happen to be paraffin wax.


multicolor dripping taper candle

One of the best things about paraffin wax is its versatility when it comes to different forms of candle making. Because the wax has a low melting point, it allows for the wax to cool quicker resulting in the wax being easier to mold. This is one reason why the wax works so well for these types of candles, because of the wax’s ability to be shaped and manipulated.

birthday candles with medium twist assorted colors

Different types

As we discussed, novelty candles are great due to their versatility and their unique style. Unlike other types of candles, these candles can be formed into many different types of moldings. One of the best examples of novelty candles just happens to be birthday candles. Notice the way birthday candles aren’t just one type of shape? They can be made into numbers in order to represent a person’s age, or they can be made into different colored birthday candles.

Sculpted candles are another example of novelty candles due to their ability to burn without being stood up or without being held within a container. Sculpted candles include holiday-themed figures, religious-themed figures, or any other item that resembles an inanimate object or even a living creature as well. Sparklers are also another great example of novelty candles due to their unique ability to light up and sparkle just like the ones we use for the Fourth of July! In simple terms, any unique type of candle that does not require to be encased within a container or required to be stood up can be defined as a novelty candle.

novelty candle mold

Can novelty candles be made from molds?

While most of these candles are sculpted by hand or made with other molding techniques, candles made from molds could also be classified as novelty candles. The most popular type of candle that comes from a mold would happen to be pillar candles. Pillar candles, like novelty candles, can be molded into different shapes and sizes such as squares, stars, and the most common shape being a cylinder.

The difference between a pillar candle made from a mold and a novelty candle made from one is that the mold simply serves as a base for novelty candles. Because of the wax, we are using, which is paraffin, we are able to do so much more with the wax once it has cooled and hardened within the mold. Whereas pillars would simply be meant to be plain and simple, novelty candles are meant to have designs engraved within the candle, or molded into something creative and fun.

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