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11 winter candle fragrance oils for your DIY candles

Each season has its own aroma. There are numerous fragrances tailored to diverse personalities, preferences, and moods, but not all are relevant across seasons. While citrus and breezy floral notes are great for summer, winter calls for warm, heavy scents that make you cozy up while ensuring that the weather does not cast a chill on you and your living spaces.

Add these winter candle fragrance oils to your candle collection and enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

A brief description of the candle-making process

If you have already decided what wax you are going to use for your candle-making project, add it to a melting pot. Different types of waxes, such as soy wax, paraffin wax, palm wax, beeswax, and others, have distinct melting points based on their composition. The melting point of wax refers to the temperature at which the wax transitions from a solid state to a liquid state. It's crucial to be aware of the melting point of the specific wax you are working with because it impacts how the wax behaves during various applications. For example, in candle-making, the melting point determines how well the candle will burn and whether it will hold its shape in different environmental conditions.

When the wax is fully melted, let it cool down a little, and then add your fragrance oil. Stir the wax and fragrance oil mixture for a few minutes to make sure the fragrance is evenly incorporated. This helps in achieving a consistent scent throughout the candle. After stirring, carefully pour the scented wax into your candle mold or container. Be cautious to avoid spills or splashes.

The best winter candle fragrance oils

  1. Amber fragrance oil for your candles


Amber fragrance oil for your candles


Amber as a winter fragrance is usually very warm, rich, earthy, woodsy, and cozy.

Given that amber is a warm and sweet scent, it's a pretty perfect match for winter when you want all the comforting vibes.

The amber scent is calming and invigorating and will help you relax and unwind after a long day. Add this scent to your candle and enjoy the winter evenings.

  1. Apple with cinnamon as a winter scent


apple with cinnamon as a winter fragrance


The comforting scent of an apple with cinnamon candle fragrance can promote relaxation and create a sense of happiness. The combination of sweet apples and warm cinnamon can evoke feelings of joy and contentment. This captivating blend of juicy apples and comforting cinnamon elevates your senses, creating a cozy, inviting ambiance.

  1. Cedar and dark patchouli


Cedar and dark patchouli for DIY candles


Aromatically, spicy red cedar and deep, dark patchouli often combine as base notes to enhance warm, sensual, and rich winter fragrances.

Due to its warm properties, cedarwood blends well with herbal oils like lavender, amber, and patchouli. This scent helps those who suffer from headaches or upset stomachs. It is a great way to get rid of stress and provide a sense of relaxation.

  1. Black rose candle fragrance oil


Black rose candle fragrance oil


If you love the scent of black roses, there's no reason why you shouldn't surround yourself with it even when the temperatures start to drop. It's timeless, and it goes well with other fragrance elements (amber, sandalwood, and bergamot), which are great as a winter scent.

  1. Blood orange winter candle fragrance oil


Blood orange winter fragrance


The blood orange scent is one of the most popular scents, and it’s not surprising as to why—when it is an all-year-round candle, however, with its irreplaceable citrus scent, it's especially wonderful as a winter scent. It also has many health benefits associated with it.

This citrus fragrance oil is very good for those who need a little time out and want to improve their mental well-being. The blood orange scent helps those who perhaps suffer from anxiety, depression, or are grieving. So add this fragrance oil to your candle and enjoy the fresh smell.

  1. Brown sugar fragrance oil for winter


Brown sugar fragrance for winter


Brown sugar candle fragrance oil adds sweetness to candles in just the same way as it does to cereals, cakes, and candies. A brown sugar fragrance oil can be a warm, sweet, and comforting scent that adds a cozy ambiance to your space. When creating or selecting a brown sugar fragrance oil for candles, consider a combination of various notes to capture the rich and sugary essence.

  1. Cashmere vanilla

Cashmere vanilla as a winter fragrance

The vanilla scent is great as a winter fragrance. Cashmere vanilla candle fragrance oil is the most common one that is used to increase happiness. They can also stimulate feelings of relaxation as well as joy. This means that vanilla-scented candles won't just make your home smell like a bakery, but they will also help boost your happiness levels in the process.

  1. Cinnamon fragrance for your winter candle collection


Cinnamon candle fragrance oil for your winter candle collection


The warm and spicy cinnamon scent is ideal for relaxation and feeling less stressed.

It also eases those headaches and perhaps enhances your visual focus too. Speaking of focus, that is another benefit of the cinnamon-scented candle, too. So be sure to add cinnamon-scented oil to your candle.

  1. Sweet winter fragrance oil

For your winter candle collection, use a sweet fragrance oil with tropical fruits and holiday spices mixed with fresh vanilla beans, creamy marshmallows, and a delicious coconut frosting. This fragrance has a relaxing scent that is perfect for the home or spa.

  1. Sandalwood candle fragrance


Sandalwood candle fragrance


Sandalwood-scented oil is a great option for winter fragrance. It has soft notes of sandalwood and sage to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Candles with this aroma are useful for those with insomnia. It can also be used to treat headaches and migraines.

  1. Winter forest candle fragrance

The winter forest scent is great as a winter scent. It creates a feeling of warmth. This fragrance oil has a refreshing scent of bright evergreen and cypress blended with sparkling notes of lemon and soft Tonka.

  • Amber candle fragrance oil

    Amber – Candle Fragrance Oil

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  • Apple cinnamon candle fragrance oil

    Apple Cinnamon – Candle Fragrance oil

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  • BLACK OUD candle Fragrance oil

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  • Black rose candle fragrance oil

    Black Rose Candle Fragrance oil

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  • Blood orange candle fragrance oil

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  • Brown sugar candle fragrance oil

    Brown Sugar – Candle Fragrance Oil

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  • CASHMERE VANILLA candle Fragrance oil

    CASHMERE VANILLA Candle Fragrance Oil

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  • CINNAMON STICKS Candle Fragrance oil

    Cinnamon Sticks – Candle Fragrance Oil

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  • Falala - Candle Fragrance oil

    Falala – Candle Fragrance oil

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  • Sandalwood candle fragrance oil

    SANDALWOOD – Candle Fragrance Oil

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