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CD Wicks For Tealights, Votives, Pillars & More

Having the right wick for your candle making projects will be the key to making or breaking your desired finished product. While there are many products that work for one specific area in candle making, one product is extremely versatile in its compatibility and performance. This product comes in the form of our new CD Wicks, designed to be more compatible and more versatile than the common wick.

These wicks are non-directional, coreless cotton flat braid wicks containing paper filament throughout. This in turn creates a “curl” within the wick while it burns overtime.  Having a wick that curls is helpful due to the fact that it “self-trims” which helps with any soot that may form around the candle. Along with having the ability to self-trim, these wicks are also able to hold a higher fragrance load, making them more of a viable option for scented candles.

jar candles with CD wickspillar candles with CD wicks

tealight candles with CD wicks votive candles with CD wicks

What type of candles are CD wicks compatible with?

The great thing about these wicks is their versatility and compatibility with multiple candle types. Due to their range of sizes, CD wicks can be used to make tealights, votives, pillars, and even container candles. The diameter of these wicks can range from 2.0”- 4” depending on the size you end up using. They can be distinguished by the number that comes after their name, such as CD 6 or CD 10. This series of Wicks goes from 6-12, except each different wick is classified by an even number.

The full collection is CD 6, CD 8, CD 10, and CD 12. For tealights and votives, we would recommend using the CD 6 wick, as it has the lowest diameter range of 2” – 2.5”. For candle types that have a diameter range of 2.5” – 3/0”, we recommend using the CD 8 wick. And for candle types with a diameter between the range of 3.0” – 4.0”, we recommend using the CD 10 or CD 12 wick, depending on the actual diameter of the product.


candle making wax for CD wicks


What wax would these wicks be compatible with?

The wonderful thing about CD wicks is that they are not only versatile when it comes to their usage with different candle types, but it also applies to the wax you can use with this wick. Due to their increased rigidity, these wicks are incredibly versatile, making them compatible with both single-pour paraffin and soy wax which are known to be more vicious waxes.

When using CD wicks with vegetable waxes such as soy, it is important to note that because this wax is more vicious, meaning thicker, you may have to use a bigger wick size than the one recommended for a certain diameter. For example, a container candle with a 3.0” diameter would usually work best when accompanied by a CD 10 wick. But because soy wax is more viscous, you may have to use a CD 12 wick in order to occupy more space within the container.

While this would complicate things when trying to use soy wax, this problem would not occur with single-pour paraffin wax. Because paraffin wax has a lower melting point, it can move more freely while it cools, unlike soy wax which hardens rapidly once removed from heat. Please see chart below for more of a reference on the wicks compatibility.


CD wick guide

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