Candle making for some is a fun, relaxing hobby that would not break the bank when purchasing supplies for the activity. While for others, candle making is a business opportunity that can bring in some income on the side, or could be the main source of income for some.
For those who sell their very own candles, it is important to know the steps one should take in order to properly sell their merchandise.

The most important step to ensure your product is ready to sell is having warning labels that clearly inform the customer of any risks or hazards that may come from using your product. Without these labels, your business as a whole may be at risk if an accident were to occur due to your product malfunctioning, or performing in a dangerous manner.


warning labels will help to prevent fire hazard



Legally, any product that is sold to the public that may be a hazard if handled incorrectly must have a warning label in order to advise the consumer of any risks or hazards. Failing to have a warning label on your candles could have dire consequences on your products’ selling ability, and could have devastating effects on your business as a whole.

Candles that do not wear a warning label can be the subject of a lawsuit if an accident were to occur after a consumer attempted to light your candle. It is important to follow the necessary safety guidelines in order to sell your product safely and securely. Warning labels can be purchased at candle-making outlets, or you may also create your very own label. Safety should never be an afterthought when selling your candles to the public.


warning label


Warning labels on your candle are not meant to be a product design or a pleasing aesthetic for your candle. Having a warning label on your candle can help prevent many unforeseen accidents that may occur due to a lack of care or lack of concentration. Because candles are a fire hazard, it is important to have the proper rules and safety measures displayed on your candle in order to inform the consumer of any potential hazards. When it comes to candles, you may have several rules or warnings displayed on the label, but there are three rules that should always be displayed. These rules/precautions are:

  • Burn within sight
  • Keep away from items that may catch fire
  • Keep away from children and pets.

Burning a candle is highly dangerous when neglected or kept within a space that can easily catch fire. Having your candles burn within an area that is easily visible and that is kept away from flammable objects is key to following the candle’s safety precautions. One important thing that all parents should never forget, is that children have a tendency to play with items that look cool or items that can create havoc or destruction. Most children won’t know any better due to their age, so it is important to keep flammable objects, such as candles, away from their reach in order to safely burn your product.


a roll of labels



While you can purchase warning labels from different candle outlets, as well as candle-making websites, creating your own warning label can be a great way of adding more originality to your product. Having a warning label with your business’s name on the label can also help with making your brand a household name. While warning labels are a serious component of your candle, creating your own designed labels can add a flare to your design that can make it more attractive to the consumer.

There are several services you can use in order to create your very own label ranging from print centers that print your designs for you, or websites that allow you the freedom to create your own design and print from home. Candle-making requires lots of focus and commitment in order to deliver high-quality products, but having fun is the most important part in creating a product that everyone will love and enjoy.

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