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What scents to use when crafting an outdoor candle?

Crafting an outdoor candle can get pretty tricky as you want to be mindful of the fragrance oils you are crafting with, as certain scents can attract bugs when you ultimately want to repel them!

Having an outdoor candle burning as you're relaxing on your patio, sitting by the pool or having dinner in your backyard can not only add that extra glow to the ambiance but it can also rid you of pesky bugs like mosquitoes and flies.

Creating a candle for outdoors is perfect for adding an extra touch to your outdoor décor. It’s especially great for the summer as a bright light can attract bugs.

Scents  that will help repel bugs that can also be used for candle making: 


Citronella candle fragrance


Citronella candle fragrance: As a natural insect repellent citronella fragrance oils are perfect for crafting candles for outdoors as they already contain components that repel insects like mosquitoes. Its fragrance is grassy and floral making the perfect outdoor scent.


lavender candle fragrance


Lavender candle fragrance: Lavender fragrance oils are great for outdoor candles as it has analgesic, antifungal and antiseptic qualities. Not only can it prevent mosquito bites it can also help soothe and calm the skin if bitten by insects or reactive to outdoor plants. Its sweet smelling floral, herbal, and woodsy scent will create the perfect outdoor aroma as you relax on your patio.


What scents to use when crafting an outdoor candle


Lemongrass candle fragrance: Derived from natural and non-toxic plants, lemongrass, much like Citronella, is great for repelling pesky insects that come with outdoor fun. With its fresh, lightweight and lemony scent lemongrass drives insects away and can also help boost your health.

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