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The Basic Supplies for making Votive Candles

If you’ve been crafting candles for a while now and think it’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and want to try something new, Votive candles are a great direction to head in as they are easy to customize and can create the perfect ambiance for any setting or event.

Our candle making expert will go over the basic supplies of what you need to get started!

  1. Required Items

The Basic Supplies for making Votive Candles 1

  • An inexpensive double boiler setup that prevents the wax from reaching dangerously high temperatures.

Wax melting kit, this includes a Melting Pot, thermometer and stir sticks.

  • Use a wax specifically designed for votives and container candles.

Our 128 house Wax is our own special in-house wax that is blended primarily for jar container candles, votive candles and taper candles. When making votive candles using 128 House blend, it is necessary to add 1% Vybar 260. This will help harden and shrink the wax, making it more opaque and easier to remove from the mold. While also creating an overall smoother finish for your candle.

Our Regular 130 Candle Wax is excellent for making votive candles and glass container candles. This wax may require additives.

  •      Votive Metal Candle Molds

Here at General Wax & Candle Co. We carry 2″ Votive Metal candle molds in a pack of 6 or in singles. Both seamless with no wick holes, they hold up to 0.12 lb. (2 oz.) of wax.

  •    Wicks

 Pre-tabbed wicks that are specifically used for Votive candle making.

Cotton-core wicks usually perform very well with Votive candles.

Here at General wax & Candle Co. We care wicks specifically for Votive candle making which are Pre-tabbed.

If you plan on using the molds listed above we suggest using Pre-tabbed votive wick, or 34-34 cotton core waxed (“E” wick).

       2. Recommended

Additives :

Vybar 260 or 130 depending on which wax you use.

Colored Dye Chips/Blocks or liquids:

Dozens of colors to choose from! Take a look at our blog post about Dyes to learn more!


Recommended usage is 1/4 – 1 ounce of scent per pound of wax.

        3. Average Startup Cost

Approximately $40 - $50 depending on how many holders you will purchase and how much wax you will need.

If you plan on ordering online you will also have to add shipping cost.

Supplies available on


Everything candle makers need to know about Dyes


    As Low As $17.99 Each

    Make beautiful votive candles quickly and easily with our votive metal candle mold. These candle molds produce an excellent votive candles. Our molds are your best option to expand your production of votive candles.

    This votive metal candle mold is seamless and has no wick holes. Holds up to approximately 0.12 lb. of wax (per cup).

    For more candle making information, please visit our candle making instructions page.

    Wick suggestion:  pre-tabbed votive wick or  34-24 cotton core waked (“E” wick)

    How to clean candle molds

    Some wax is left behind in the mold after the candle-making process is complete. The wax buildup affects the next batch of candles by changing the uniformity of their shape and color. Also, further candles may be more difficult to remove. To keep candle molds working well, it is necessary to remove any leftover wax before using them again.

    • Preheat the oven to 150 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not use a temperature higher than 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Lay two layers of paper towel across the cookie sheet’s surface. The paper towel should be thick and absorbent.
    • Set the molds on the cookie sheet with the open end down. Leave space between the molds so they are not touching.
    • Place the candle molds in the oven for 15 minutes or until the wax starts to melt. Remove them from the oven.
    • Hold one mold at a time in one hand using the oven mitt, potholder or thick towel. Use the other hand to wipe off the melted wax with paper towels. Be careful to prevent contact between your skin and the heated metal mold.
    • Set the mold aside to cool. Do not stack the molds together until they are completely cooled. If stacked while they are still warm, they might stick together.


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    As Low As $17.99 Each



    Our 128 House Blend wax (4 pack) is a special in-house blend designed for votives, tapers, and jar containers. Our own special in-house wax is blended primarily for jar container candles, votive candles and taper candles. We package our 128 House Blend in convenient, manageable 1 lb. bricks.


    When making votive candles using 128 House blend, it is necessary to add 1% Vybar 260. This will help harden and shrink the wax, making it more opaque and easier to remove from the mold. The addition of Vybar will also result in an overall smoother candle surface and has the added benefit of accepting more fragrance.

    You can make your DIY taper candles from our 128 house blend wax. These candles make lovely holiday gifts. Candles are a great way to set the mood. These tapers work well in any candle holder, and they can even be used for emergency kits or power outages.

    Votive candles add ambiance and warmth to any setting and are simple to customize to the theme of your next event just by changing the color and fragrance. Votive candles are not meant to be freestanding. While the making process is similar to that of a pillar candle, they burn like a container candle. Make sure you use holders specifically votive candles.



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    VYBAR 260 Candle Additive

    As Low As $9.49
    VYBAR 260 Candle Additive

    Vybar 260 candle additive: lower melt point Vybar used in container candles and votive candles to lock color and scent in wax. Use 1 teaspoon per pound of wax as a hardener, and make candles opaque.

    Vybar 260 enhances fragrances & color quality, increases hardness and surface gloss, and also helps reduce air bubbles and mottling.

    Vybar 260 candle additive provides a number of benefits to your candle but its defining purpose is fragrance retention. Vybar allows you to obtain high fragrance loads without migration (eliminate mottling). It also is beneficial in achieving a more consistent product; it helps with uniform dye dispersion and a reduction in surface flaws. This will allow you to cut down the number of rejects, which in return can save you time and money. Usage is .5 to 2% by weight; the amount of fragrance oil can change the recommended usage. Vybar enables the candlemaker to put twice or even three times as much fragrance oil into their mixture, causing the candles to have much better hot throw.

    Vybar 260 is used for softer, lower melt point waxes such as container waxes. Recommended usage is 1 teaspoon per pound of wax but will vary per application. Don’t overdo it, though, because too much vybar can actually trap the fragrance in your candle, reducing your candle’s hot throw.

  • VYBAR 260 Candle Additive

    VYBAR 260 Candle Additive

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    As Low As $9.49

    CANDLE DYE (12 Pack)

    As Low As $8.99
    Candle dye block 12 pack

    Our new candle dye block 12 pack will increase color clarity, color more wax and save money!

    Available in 27 colors, these Candle dye block 12 pack work the same way as the chips. Dye blocks are intended to mix with candle making wax (both soy and paraffin). The dye blocks can be shaved into smaller pieces to create lighter shades. The more dye that you add, the darker the color shade will become. Mix multiple dyes and achieve various colors.

    A 12 piece block of dye will color 5-50 lbs. of wax, depending on the color shade you are trying to achieve.

    Each pack contains 12 blocks of dye. Also available in single packs here!


    Once the candle dye chip has been added to the melted wax, stir thoroughly to ensure the dye chip fully disperses in the wax.

    It’s always best to add your fragrance oil first because some fragrance oils can change the color of your soy wax.

    Add the dye chips and dye blocks to your wax at 185 F so that they fully dissolve. The hotter the wax the more easily they dissolve.

    Colors usually look darker when they’re mixed in hot wax. When you think you’ve reached your desired color take a couple of drops of hot wax and drip onto a white piece of paper. Once it cools it gives you a more accurate idea of what your candle will look like once cooled.

    Always take detailed notes how much color you used per pound of wax. This way you can multiply this amount by the number of pounds of soy wax you’re using.

  • Candle dye block 12 pack

    CANDLE DYE (12 Pack)

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    As Low As $8.99

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