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128 House Blend wax – 1 lb. bricks
Designed for votives, tapers, and jar containers
Use 1% Vybar 260 candle additive


Our 128 House Blend wax (4 pack) is a special in-house blend designed for votives, tapers, and jar containers. Our own special in-house wax is blended primarily for jar container candles, votive candles and taper candles. We package our 128 House Blend in convenient, manageable 1 lb. bricks.


When making votive candles using 128 House blend, it is necessary to add 1% Vybar 260. This will help harden and shrink the wax, making it more opaque and easier to remove from the mold. The addition of Vybar will also result in an overall smoother candle surface and has the added benefit of accepting more fragrance.

You can make your DIY taper candles from our 128 house blend wax. These candles make lovely holiday gifts. Candles are a great way to set the mood. These tapers work well in any candle holder, and they can even be used for emergency kits or power outages.

Votive candles add ambiance and warmth to any setting and are simple to customize to the theme of your next event just by changing the color and fragrance. Votive candles are not meant to be freestanding. While the making process is similar to that of a pillar candle, they burn like a container candle. Make sure you use holders specifically votive candles.

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Container Wax, Votive Wax

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