VYBAR 103 Candle Additive

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Wax Additive for pillar candles and votive candles
Melt Point – above 130°
Use 1 teaspoon per pound of wax




Vybar 103 candle additive: higher melt point Vybar used in molded candles to lock color and scent in wax. Use 1 teaspoon per pound of wax as a hardener, and to make candles opaque.

Vybar 103 candle additive is used for harder, higher melt point waxes such as pillar candles and votive candles. Vybar is a polymer which is used primarily to aid in fragrance oil retention, although it also benefits the candle by increasing opacity and enhancing dye colors.  When using vybar, wax can hold more fragrance oil without the fragrance oil separating from the mixture. Vybar allows you to obtain high fragrance loads without migration (eliminate mottling). It also is beneficial in achieving a more consistent product; it helps with uniform dye dispersion and a reduction in surface flaws. This will allow you to cut down the number of rejects, which in return can save you time and money. Usage is .5 to 2% by weight; the amount of fragrance oil can change the recommended usage. This enables the candlemaker to put twice or even three times as much fragrance oil into their mixture, causing the candles to have much better hot throw, which is a term used to describe the fragrance characteristics of a candle while it is burning.

It is designed for use in pillar and freestanding waxes, or waxes with a melt point above 130°. Vybar 103 also helps reduce mottling for a smooth surface, increase opacity, and promote uniform color distribution.

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