SB 1000 SOY BLEND Container Wax (24 LBS. CASE)

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  • 60% soy wax, a 40% blend of paraffin, UV and an enhancing additive
  • Recommended wick – HTP wicks
  • Long lasting scent
  • Melting point – 130F


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Our SB 1000 Soy Blend container wax has a very smooth surface and adheres well to glass containers. The blend is made of 60% soy wax and a 40% blend of paraffin, UV and an enhancing additive.

Compared to 100% Soy Wax, SB 1000 Soy Blend container wax has superior cold & warm fragrance throw and ideal burn quality. Use HTP wicks for best burn performance on your candles. This wax puts off a stronger smell. The scent lasts longer and smells fresh for quite some time. The reason for this is because they burn at a much slower rate and the fragrance is released at a slower rate as well. Which in return will give you a fresher smelling candle for longer.

Genetically Modified Statement – NatureWax® Soybean based Wax Products

Date Issued: June 12, 2015

Our manufacturing processes separate the protein from the oil to create oils that are GMO free. We only use GMO free oils to create our waxes. Our wax has been tested using the PCR test method (industry standard used to verify non-GMO claims) and the qualitative test results have shown that GMO’s are “Not detected.”

This statement pertains only to the Soy Wax used in this blend.

Also available in 4 lbs. packs here!

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