STEARIC POWDER – Candle Additive

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For making hand-dipped or mold candles
Helps molds release easier (shrinks the wax upon cooling)
Increases the opacity of the candle wax and enhances dye colors
Melt point is approximately 130° F (54 C).





Stearic powder candle additive – triple-pressed stearic powder, also known as Stearin, may be used in any amount from 1% to 100%. It acts as a hardener for low melt point waxes, and lowers the melting point of higher temperature waxes. In low percentages, it may have a tendency to allow snow-spots, while used in moderate percentages it will go opaque. At high percentages a notable crystallization becomes apparent.

Stearic powder candle additive is a fatty acid that is derived from tallow or vegetable oil. Stearic is a very effective wax additive that has been used in candle making for well over 150 years. Also referred to as stearine. Triple Pressed Stearic is used as a wax modifier to increase a candle’s whiteness, helps with mold release and helps impart opacity. Stearic acid will also help with holding the candle’s shape of freestanding candles in the warmer months. Depending on the melting point of the paraffin wax it will either raise the melt point or decrease the melt point. Stearic can be used in mottled candles in small percentages to minimize fragrance migration without greatly affecting the mottling. Stearin is also used as a solvent for dyes and thus when you add stearin to paraffin wax, you enhance and brighten the color of the candle.
Melt point is approximately 130° F (54 C).

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