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  • Vibrant colors
  • Melts smoothly at 160 – 180°F
  • Easy to use and Clean up
  • Consistent results




Our candle dyes 60 pieces are available in a multitude of colors and have been formulated to increase color clarity.

These block of dye can color more wax than regular dye chips and are cost-effective. Use blocks as you would use the chips.

Dye blocks are intended to mix with candle making wax (both soy and paraffin). The dye blocks can be shaved into smaller pieces to create lighter shades. The more dye that you add, the darker the color shade will become. Dye colors can be mixed in order to make different colors.

A block of dye will color 5-50 lbs. of wax, depending on the color shade you are trying to achieve.

When placing your order, please make sure to order 60 pieces per color in order to receive our price special.


Once the candle dye chip has been added to the melted wax, stir thoroughly to ensure the dye chip fully disperses in the wax.

It’s always best to add your fragrance oil first because some fragrance oils can change the color of your soy wax.

Add the dye chips and dye blocks to your wax at 185 F so that they fully dissolve. The hotter the wax the more easily they dissolve.

Colors usually look darker when they’re mixed in hot wax. When you think you’ve reached your desired color take a couple of drops of hot wax and drip onto a white piece of paper. Once it cools it gives you a more accurate idea of what your candle will look like once cooled.

Always take detailed notes how much color you used per pound of wax. This way you can multiply this amount by the number of pounds of soy wax you’re using.

Product Specifications

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Black, Burgundy, Canary Yellow, Cappuccino Brown, Cobalt Blue, Forest Green, Golden Honey, Hunter Green, Lavender, Lime Green, Magenta, Mahogany Brown, Navy Blue, Orange, Peach Blossom, Pink, Pumpkin, Purple, Raspberry, Raspberry Sorbet, Red, Royal Blue, Seafoam Green, Sunflower Yellow, Teal, Ultra Marine Green, Violet