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Our 1 oz. concentrated liquid candle dye works great with paraffin, soy, coconut, beeswax and palm wax. Liquid candle dyes are a great way for coloring wax and achieving different shades of the desired color. Using liquid dyes reduces the chance of color shifting after a candle is made because of their superior solubility characteristics.

Colors may vary with different wax/fragrance/additive combinations. One ounce dye will color approximately 125 lbs. of wax. It is very easy to use – just add the desired amount and stir lightly. Liquid candle dyes are less prone to leaving dye particles in wax from not fully dissolving. Liquid candle dyes can be blended with other colors to create unique, custom colors. Due to the wax consistencies, it is common for paraffin waxes to produce vibrant colors and soy waxes to produce pastel colors.

Also available in bulk size of 1 pound containers here!

As with all candle making projects, we always recommend testing to achieve desired results. Colors usually look darker when they’re mixed in hot wax. When you think you’ve reached your desired color take a couple of drops of hot wax and drip onto a white piece of paper. Once it cools it gives you a more accurate idea of what your candle will look like once cooled.

Always take detailed notes how much color you used per pound of wax. This way you can multiply this amount by the number of pounds of soy wax you’re using.

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