Everything candle makers need to know about wicks

Are you new to candle making and need to know which wicks will work best for you candles? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place here’s everything you need to know about wicks from our candle making expert!


      1. What type of wick should I use?

Here at General Wax & Co. We carry three different types of wicks all of which can be used for candle making. When you are choosing wicks it is important that you choose the wicks that will properly burn with the wax you will be crafting with.


   2. What kind of candle are you creating?

 It’s important to understand that whichever wick you choose to craft with that your wick should be compatible with the type of wax you will be crafting with. It is also important to note  that your wick will also need to be compatible with the type of candle vessel you will be crafting with. Once you’ve chosen the type of candle you will be making and the vessel it will be in you could now narrow down the wax that would be best for your project.


    3. Choose your wick: Wick Types

It’s important before choosing your wick that you measure the vessel whether you are using a mold or a container for your candle. You will need to find the diameter of your vessel to ensure you pick the right wick that will burn your candle properly.

Diameter is the distance from one end of the circle to the other, straight across. For some candle makers you may need to choose if you need to use one wick or multiple wicks.

 For larger candle vessels you may need two or even three wicks for your candle to burn properly. Larger containers, which can be anything larger than 3-inches, typically benefit from multiple wicks in the candle.

HTP Wicks



HTP Wicks are primarily  for soy wax and soy wax blend container candles and offer a self-trimming wick posture with rigidity approaching those found in cored wicks. HTP wicks are available in 10 different sizes and come either pre-tabbed, or in a 10 yd pack  or 100 yd spool.

Compatible wax:  CARGILL C1, CARGILL C3, CARGILL C6, SB 1000 and ULTRA WAX

Candle type compatibility: Jar and container candles as well as glass vessels. These wicks can also be used for crafting tealights.

Cotton Core Wicks


Cotton Core Wicks are primarily used for Paraffin wax candles and votive candles. Available in 10 different sizes and five different types “C”, “E”, “P”, “S”, “X”. Cotton core waxed wicks are coated in wax to help your candle burn better. The wax coating on the wick makes the candle easier to light, and also helps the wick stand up straight inside the pool of liquid wax, which is formed while the candle burns. These wicks are available pre-tabbed as well as in  a 10 yd pack  and 100 yd spool.

Compatible wax: 128 REGULAR WAX, 130 REGULAR WAX, 140 PILLAR WAX, 140 REGULAR WAX, and 160 HURRICANE WAX.

Candle type compatibility:   Votive and Tealight candles can be crafted with these wicks as well as Pillar and Taper candles.

1/10 Square Wicks



 1/10 Square Wicks are primarily used in beeswax, vegetable wax and rolled beeswax candles. Available in 10 yd packs as well as 100 yd spools these wicks are intended to come in their raw form so they do not come pre-tabbed.

Compatible wax: for best use we recommend using Beeswax with these wicks.

Candle type compatibility:  Pillar and Taper candles can be crafted using these wicks.

  • Sample Wick Kit







4. Craft your candle


After choosing your wax and wicks you can now begin crafting your candle. Keep in mind it is important to test out many wicks as well as waxes to craft a candle to your liking. It is also important after you’ve crafted your candle to do a burn test to ensure your candles will burn properly.

For more information on how to properly craft and candle please visit our previous blogs as well as visit our IGTV on Instagrams for further guidance.

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