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Regular 140 Wax / Paraffin Wax (Molding/Taper Wax)

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General Wax Co., offers a wide variety of wholesale candle making supplies. Soy wax, paraffin wax, beeswax, wax additives, dandle dye, candle scents, candle fragrances, candle molds, candle jars, candle making equipment, and wicks for candle making, all at wholesale pricing.

Product Description

Regular 140 wax is a competitively priced alternative to Houseblend 140. It features a melt point of 139 to 140 degrees making it ideal for pouring into metal molds, plastic molds as well as making tapers.

This wax is available in 11 pound slabs and in a beaded form in the near future. It may require additives (based on your desired effect).

Please visit our candle wax additives pages for additional information. There you can click on the individual additives for a complete description of what they do.

Besides making free standing candles, it can also be used for making floating candles.




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Regular 140 Wax (Molding/Taper Wax)

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