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Add a high-quality wax to your candle line

Have you been using the same wax for years and are thinking about switching up how you make your candles?  Or maybe you just want to add a new high-quality wax to your candle line?  If you answered yes to these questions you’re in the right place!

General Wax & Candle Co. has recently released two new waxes that would be perfect to add to your candle wax collections. Both waxes are of premium grade and made with high quality ingredients.

Coconut apricot wax deluxe    Coconut apricot wax

The first wax I’d like to introduce to you is our new Ceda Serica ®  Apricot Coconut Deluxe Creme Wax. This Apricot & Coconut blended wax is soft and creamy with great adhesion as well as a smooth finish. It is both phthalate and paraben free as well as cruelty and vegan free.

This wax is a combination of apricot, coconut and paraffin waxes with a melting point of  125 – 130F. We recommend that you test out different wick sizes and maybe go a size down from what you would normally use with soy waxes.

The next wax we would like to introduce is our new G1 Superior 100% Soy Wax. This product has a creamy texture with great glass adhesion and a melting point of 122F – 126F. This soy wax is 100% naturally derived from vegetable soybeans and has many advantages such as an extended burn time, no unsightly black soot, and is less likely to trigger allergies.

Both of these waxes are perfect for container candles, tealight candles, wax melts and tarts.  If you are looking to introduce a new wax to your candle line I suggest adding these great new waxes!

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