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What Wick should I use for my candle Vessel

Crafting candles can be a very tedious project that will take a lot of product testing as your candles are designed to your liking so it is difficult to explain one specific way to craft your candles or call any way the best way to craft your candles as there are many ways.

Ultimately choosing the candle wick for your candle is the same as many factors come into play when choosing the correct wick that will properly burn your candles, but the two most important factors you must keep in mind are the type of wax and the diameter of the candle vessel you will be using.

Measure your candle vessel


It’s important before choosing your wick that you measure the vessel whether you are using a mold or a container for your candle. You will need to find the diameter of your vessel to ensure you pick the right wick that will burn your candle properly.

Diameter is the distance from one end of the circle to the other, straight across. For some candle makers you may need to choose if you need to use one wick or multiple wicks.

Note:  For larger candle vessels you may need two or even three wicks for your candle to burn properly. Larger containers, which can be anything larger than 3-inches, which typically benefit from multiple wicks in the candle.

Wax and Wicks


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It’s important to understand that whichever wick you choose to craft with that your wick should be compatible with the type of wax you will be crafting with.

For instance, if you are using our 100% C3 Soy wax you will want to use any of our HTP Wicks.

Understanding Wick Sizes

It is important to take note that with each candle wick within a series (meaning our HTP is one series of wicks) that the larger the number of the wicks the larger the wick size.

For example, an HTP 116 wick will be bigger in size than a HTP 105 Wick. Our HTP 105 wick is compatible with our Monticiano candle vessels.

Key Takeaways:

  • Measure your candle vessels
  • Determine which wick will be compatible with the particular wax you are using.

Determine which candle wick will be compatible with the candle vessel you are using.

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