The Double Boiler Method For Candle Making

Candles have been around for a long time as they have been used specifically to light up a room, but over time candles and candle -making has progressed into a way to not only spread light but add a specific aroma to a space as well as add a piece of décor to one's home.

To begin we’d like to note that there are many ways to craft candles and there is no one perfect way to craft your candles, but there are ways of candle-making that have been proven to produce well crafted candles such as the double boiler method.

What is a double boiler?


STANDARD CANDLE MELTING POT Black Pot for candle making

A double boiler for candle making melts something inside a container that’s sitting in a boiling pot of water, there are three main things you would need in order to create your double boiler:

  1. A heat source: stove top or a hot plate
  2. Pot of boiling water
  3. Pitcher or measuring glass that will sit  inside the pot

How Double Boiler For Candle Making Works:


Double boiler for candle making


When it comes to candle-making a pouring pitcher is usually utilized to achieve this method, you would begin by grabbing an old pot that is either already in your kitchen or from the store. Then you would place the pot which is fairly bigger in width than your pouring pitcher and fill it about halfway with water and place your pouring pitcher with wax inside the pot of boiling water.

Caution: It is important that the container holding your wax can resist the temperature of boiling water 185°F - 212°F

Other Supplies:

Thermometer:  It is important to monitor the temperature of candle wax while it’s melting.

Helpful Tip:

Set your double boiler at medium to medium-high heat. Boiling water can get into your wax if the temperature gets too high and the water begins to bubble and splash.


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