The best wax for pillar candles

Pillar candles are the quintessential example of just how unique candle makers can be when using their imagination to the fullest!  Pillar candles are great for decorative purposes due to their longevity and design, as well as being the perfect gift for any special occasion. While these types of candles are not particularly easy to make, they are a perfect way for an experienced candle maker to take their skills to the next level.

the best wax for pillar candles

The correct wax to use

Having a wax that can retain its shape once it has begun melting is crucial to the performance of a pillar candle. Having a wax with a low melting point and an ability to dry quickly once cooled is essential to making a successful pillar candle. Having a wax that does not require it to be encased in order to retain its figure is also key to having a great candle. The wax that meets all the criteria for making amazing pillar candles would be Paraffin Wax. Paraffin wax has a low melting point of 140° F making it ideal for the wax to be used in molds. Due to the low melting point, paraffin wax dries quicker once it is cooled, making your candles last longer. While other pillar candles have no ability to hold scent, paraffin wax has a great scent throw making it more versatile than the rest. Having a wax that can hold both color and scent well is ideal for having a pillar candle that can top the rest.


container wax for pillar candles


Why wouldn’t container wax work for pillar candles?

A common misconception people have when attempting to make pillar candles for the first time is the idea that any wax would work with molds. Although the idea of container wax being compatible with pillar candles makes sense in theory, in practice we see the clear shortcomings of using container wax. Due to the wax’s high melting point, once the pillar begins to melt we see how the wax spills over rather than dripping slowly from the sides. This causes the pillar to dry slower which results in the wax clumping up at the bottom of the pillar.

This is ineffective when seeking a longer burn time, and it is also very unappealing to look at compared to other pillar candles. These clumps that develop at the bottom of the pillar can also stain the surfaces on that the candle is being held. Overall, while in theory container wax would be a great fit for creating a pillar candle, container wax must have a suitable vessel to encase the wax within in order to perform up its standard.

candle wax for novelty candles

Does paraffin wax also work with novelty candles?

One of the best things about paraffin wax is its versatility when it comes to different forms of candle making. Because the wax has a low melting point, it allows for the wax to cool quicker resulting in the wax being easier to mold. This is one reason why the wax works so well for pillar candles, but it also applies to why it would be the best option for novelty candles. Some examples of novelty candles include birthday candles, sculpted candles, holiday figures, and many other unique candle types that don’t require the wax to be encased or stood up. Novelty candles work as great gifts, as well as unique decorative pieces.

Like pillar candles, novelty candles require wax that won’t spill over rather than drip slowly while burning. While novelty candles can be difficult to create for first-time candle makers, we wouldn’t recommend shying away from giving them a try. These candles are super fun to make, and with the right tools at hand, you can be creating amazing pieces of candles for everyone to enjoy.


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