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Technical Information:
Burn rate (wax consumption): approximately 3 1/2″ to 4″




This HTP 116 pre-tabbed flat wick is designed for soy or soy blend products and is compatible with our Havana candle jar collection.

The HTP wicks are designed to provide the benefits of a self-trimming wick posture with rigidity approaching those found in cored wicks. High-performance fibers, along with other natural materials, are engineered into a specially constructed braid, producing a more predictable wick posture. HTP wick is especially well-suited for tough-to-burn formulations that may contain many candle additives.  We offer these wicks in a variety of sizes. Many variables, such as wax, fragrance, dyes, and additives, can play a part in how a wick performs. We strongly recommend testing to determine which wick is the correct option for your candle.

Burn diameter of approximately 3 1/2″ to 4″.
IMPORTANT: Please note that this wick is ONLY 4 inches tall.

*Please run a burn test to determine the right wick for your candle.

*All information is approximate and provided for comparison purposes only. Based on a 140℉ melt point of a pure paraffin candle, an initial wick height of 1/4 inch, and a room temperature of approximately 75℉. Results may vary according to formula, type and melt point of wax, initial wick height, and room temperature, among other factors. The best way to determine the right wick for a particular candle is through trial-and-error testing.

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Product Specifications

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Pack of 200, Pack of 25

Candle Type Compatibility


Wax Type Compatibility

Cargill C3, SB 1000, ULTRA Wax

Dye, Fragrance & Additive Compatibility

Dark Colors, Heavy Fragrance, High Additive Use, Light Colors, Light Fragrance, Low Additive Use, No Additive, No Dye, No Fragrance

Wick Burning Diameter

3.5" to 4"

Wick Type

HTP – For Soy & Natural Wax