Sand Wax – 45 lbs Case

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  • Plant-based
  • Melting point of 131° F/ 55° C
  • Compatible with candle fragrance oils
  • Compatible with candle dyes


Sand wax, also known as sand candle wax, is a unique type of wax used in candle making. Unlike traditional candle waxes, sand wax incorporates fine sand particles into the wax mixture, giving the candles a distinctive texture and appearance reminiscent of sandstone or beach sand. Our plant-based sand wax has a granular texture due to the inclusion of fine sand particles. This texture adds visual interest and a tactile experience to the finished candles.

Sand wax can be used in candle making just like other types of wax. Candle makers melt the wax, mix in any desired colors or fragrances, and then pour the wax into molds or containers to solidify. Sand wax can be used to make container candles, pillar candles, or even shaped candles, depending on the desired effect. When working with sand wax, make sure to properly mix the wax to ensure an even distribution of the sand particles. Additionally, the texture of the wax may require special considerations when pouring and wicking the candles to ensure proper burning and fragrance release. Our plant-based sand wax has a melting point of 131° F/ 55° C, making it suitable for use in various candle-making applications. This melting point ensures that the wax melts evenly and releases fragrance effectively when the candle is burned.

Plant-based sand wax is compatible with a wide range of candle fragrance oils, allowing candle makers to create custom-scented candles to suit their preferences. The porous nature of the sand particles also helps to absorb and diffuse fragrances more effectively, resulting in candles with a strong and long-lasting scent throw.

Sand candle wax is ideal for creating stunning centerpieces or decorative accents for special events such as weddings, parties, or corporate functions. When poured into large vases, it can serve as a visually striking focal point, adding elegance and ambiance to any occasion. No heating is required to make a colored and/or scented candle. Simply shake the wax in disposable, sealable bags with liquid-concentrated candle dye and/or fragrance oil to unleash your creativity.

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