PARAFLINT H-1 Candle Wax Additive

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Melt point is approximately 208° F (98 C).

1 teaspoon per pound of wax




If you want a glow-through quality in your candle, add some Paraflint h-1 candle wax additive to your wax (use no other additives), 1 teaspoon per pound of wax. Paraffin wax is naturally translucent but it tends to bare snow-spots or mottling. No additive will make paraffin transparent, but Paraflint h-1 candle wax additive can clarify it, providing a cleaner glow. Having a relatively high melt point, Paraflint needs to be melted separately from the wax with a higher heat source. Adding 20% makes a good veneer, which will help reduce dripping.

Paraflint is a third hardener, also in beaded form similar to Vybar 103. Use one teaspoon to every pound of wax. Paraflint tends to clarify the wax, creating a cleaner glow and appearance. With its relatively high melt point, it must be melted separately and then added to the wax. It is quite useful in making a wax that you will use as a veneer.

Melt point is approximately 208° F (98 C).


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