MICRO WAX 175 (1 Lbs.)

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  • Sold in blocks of 10 to 11 lbs.
  • The melting point is approximately 175° F (79 C)
  • Recommended usage – 2% (2 teaspoons per pound of wax)



Excellent as an additive for candle making. Micro wax 175 will add rigidity to tapers, help the wax adhere to the walls of the container candles, and reduce or eliminate mottling in pillars (without adding much opacity). Recommended usage is 2% (2 teaspoons per pound of wax). Micro wax 175 is also available in pre-measured cubes. Due to its high melt point and pliability, pure microcrystalline also makes a good sculpting wax for art projects and lost wax processes.

Melt point is approximately 175° F (79 C).

Microcrystalline Wax – Its characteristics resemble those of the natural waxes closely, including its high melting point, high viscosity, flexibility at low temperatures, and high cohesion and adhesion. Micro waxes can be either soft and ductile, or, firm and brittle. Melting points range from 145 – 200+ degrees Fahrenheit. Color values include Black, Brown, Amber, Yellow, Ivory, and White. Micro waxes can be used as substitutes for natural waxes. Micro waxes can be used for chewing gum base, cosmetics, ointments where they harden, lubricate and protect against moisture, food packaging, protecting against moisture through wax impregnated paper, film, foil, and corrugated board, increasing the fluidity and the flexible bonding of hot-melt adhesives, crayons, candles and insulating materials.

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