Ceda Serica® Apricot Coconut Blend Wax 4.9-Lbs

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  • Ceda Serica® Apricot Coconut Blended Wax 5-Lbs
  • Melt Point: 125 – 130 Degrees (F)
  • Phthalate and paraben free


We are happy to introduce our Apricot Coconut Blended Wax. This wax is soft and creamy with great adhesion, leaving your candle finish looking good.  It is both phthalate and paraben free as well as cruelty and vegan free.

The formula is made up of apricot, coconut and paraffin waxes. 

Melt Point: 125 – 130 Degrees (f)

Our Apricot Coconut Blended Wax has a soft texture, and we suggest testing wicks a size down from what you would use with a soy wax candle and for even better burn results, use 2 smaller wicks instead of 1 larger wick.  This will reduce your sooting and help give your candles a better scent throw.

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