Havana chocolate candle jar

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    14 oz. Havana matte chocolate candle jar

    As Low As $2.00 Each
    14 oz. Havana matte chocolate candle jar

    Want something new?  The Havana family just got a Matte Update! Our  Havana 14 oz. chocolate candle jar is just what you’re looking for! Our 14 oz. Havana chocolate candle jar has thick walls and a base that will assist with reducing the external temperature.

    Available in marvelous rich, high quality colors which will give any room the perfect ambiance. Give it that extra “WOW” look by adding a wood lidmetal lid or one of our perfectly fitted boxes.

    – Holds 10 ounces of wax comfortably

    – Fits in box without the metal or wood lid

    – Painted on the outside

    Actual product color may vary from batch to batch.

    Our candle jars are available in wholesale quantities, or just by the case for any option or style that you choose. Whether you’re a candle hobbyist or professional candle maker, you can find the right candle jar for your next candle-making project here. Most of our candle jars come with an option to add a lid or can be purchased without.

    Our various collections of glass candle vessels are available in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors. Glass jars are offered in clear, frosted, matte and amber, and can be paired with a wide variety of different lid options.

  • 14 oz. Havana matte chocolate candle jar

    14 oz. Havana matte chocolate candle jar

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    As Low As $2.00 Each