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    Ultra Wax – Coconut-Soy Blend

    As Low As $11.80 Each
    Ultra Wax - Coconut-Soy Blend

    Ultra wax coconut-soy blend is our state of the art, smooth Coconut Soy Blend. It’s ease of use and maximum glass jar adhesion leaves a smooth finish on the sides of your glass. With a melting point approximately 128℉ degrees and pour temperature of 165℉ degrees, Ultra Wax cools with minimal  shrinkage.

    You’ll fall in love with Ultra Wax the first time you use it!

    Ultra wax coconut-soy blend advantages

    Typically requires only a single pour (tops can be smoothed out with a heat gun if necessary)

    Strong hot and cold scent throw

    Typical fragrance load is 6% or less

    Smooth and creamy appearance

    Excellent jar adhesion

    Basic Guidelines:

    Melt point: approximately 128℉

    Add dye as needed and mix thoroughly

    Add candle fragrance oil as needed and mix thoroughly (fragrance oil should be added just before pouring to prevent fragrance oil from evaporating)

    Pouring temperatures should typically be around 120° to 165°, though experimentation is recommended to determine optimal pouring temperature

    When pouring melted wax into containers, the containers should be at room temperature or slightly warmer

    Allow candles to cool as slow as possible to achieve good jar adhesion and create a smooth finish.

    Available in 5 lb. trays.

  • Ultra Wax - Coconut-Soy Blend

    Ultra Wax – Coconut-Soy Blend

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    As Low As $11.80 Each