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    Advanced candle-making class Los Angeles

    General Wax and Candle is happy to announce that we will now offer an advanced candle-making class. We know many of you who have started a candle business need help to perfect your candles and understand how to make corrections when things go wrong like burning performance or flaws in your finished product.


    You MUST have some knowledge/experience about candle making business in order to get the best out of our advanced class. You can also sign up for our Beginners Candle-Making Class before taking the Advanced Candle Making Class.

    Our long-time teacher, Colton La Zar, will guide you through the challenges, explain in detail, and demonstrate the science of candle making. Colton has been in the practices for decades and worked for some of the largest candle manufacturers in North America and Asia. With a background in marketing, research, and development along with many years working inside multiple candle factories, he’ll focus on the important parts of candle making.

    He will cover the main waxes and additives on the market for candle making and discuss blending and formulations. He’ll dig deeper to understand candle fragrance oils and how to generate stronger-smelling candles. He’ll discuss wicks and wick selection, and U.S. label regulations. He’ll also cover how to troubleshoot common pouring issues such as cavities, sink holes and frosting, plus cover common burn issues such as sooting and flames that get smaller when burning over time.

    Class is approximately 2 hours and is limited to 12 students. Cost for the Advanced candle-making class is 149.99 per student.

  • Advanced candle-making class Los Angeles


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    candle-making class Los Angeles

    Our beginners candle-making class will cover all the basics…

    New to candle making, then this class is the perfect place to start. We will teach you how to make candles in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. We will supply all the needed material and the cool part is going home with 3 lovely candles that you made yourself.

    Our expert instructor covers all the basics from safety, to needed materials, describing the waxes & additives to pouring the perfect candle, so you’ll have a good understanding by the end of class. All the students are facing each other so they can watch and learn seeing others make their candles too.

    You will walk away from this class feeling empowered with your new knowledge about candle making and all the positive benefits you can experience from burning your new handmade candles.

    Class is about 2 hours in length and you get all this for $29.99 per student.

    Our classroom is located inside our candle store so after class you’ll have time to shop and prepare to make more candles on your own if you wish. And for those who want to start a business and learn more, we offer 2 more classes to enhance your skills. These 2 exciting classes go deeper into the science of candle making and problem solving as well as into the marketing and psychology of color and candle fragrance oil.

    So join our family of candle artisans and become all you can in the wonderful world of candle making.

    Beginners candle-making class topics include but are not limited to:

    • Why candle making is such a fantastic craft to learn
    • How candles work
    • How to use candles safely at home
    • The best way to melt wax safely and quickly
    • What equipment you’ll need
    • What sorts of containers you can use for making candles
    • The different kinds of wax you can use – and when to use them
    • How to use dye to create colored candles
    • How wicks work and which wick to choose
    • How to make scented candles

    Each class is limited to 20 students only.

    We are offering this class for only $29.99 per student when you sign up in advance and $39.99 on the day of the class (if we have available seats).

  • candle-making class Los Angeles


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  • The power of Candle Color and Fragrance CLASS

    The Power of Candle Color and Candle Fragrance Oil

    The power of candle color and fragrance class

    The power of Candle Color

    The color of a candle can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the candle, as well as the atmosphere it creates. Different colors can evoke different emotions and feelings and can be used to enhance the ambiance of a space. You can come here expecting to get an education in how colors represent different energy levels and how fragrances can be used as powerful tools for healing and balance, moving your customers to purchase your products over others.

    The Power of Candle Fragrance Oil

    Whether it will be a relaxing atmosphere, bringing love to the forefront or feeling luxurious, color and fragrances persuade our purchases and Ari is here to teach and educate. She has been blending colors and candle fragrance oils for years, learning what helps people feel at ease or energized. Ari Mac is a professional spiritual coach with over 250 podcast episodes on Drawing from her exclusive blend of ancient teachings and modern practicality, she has designed this class especially for you to be ahead of your competition.

    Our Candle Color and Fragrance class is about 90 minutes in length and you get all this for $35.00 per student.

  • The Power of Candle Color and Candle Fragrance Oil

    The power of Candle Color and Fragrance CLASS

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