How to Use Dyes In Candle Making

Here at General Wax & Candle Co. We carry four different types of candle dyes, all of which can be used for your candle making projects. Before you begin working with dyes It’s is important to choose the correct dye for your project. To learn more about different dye types in which we carry read our previous blog Everything candle makers need to know about Dyes.

To Begin crafting with dyes it is important to note that different dyes will appear differently in different waxes for instance, Soy and Soy wax blends will take on a lighter tone and may create a more pastel colored candle; therefore you may need to add more dye to your candle wax.

When using dyes in paraffin waxes the dyes usually create more vibrant colors, so it’s important to test your dyes depending on what wax you will be crafting with.


candle dyes


1.       Begin Crafting your candle with Dye

First, add your wax to your double boiler, as your wax begins to melt it is important to keep a close eye on the temperature. Check on your wax periodically and keep stir, the goal is to have your wax smooth and a clear liquid before you add any dye.

2.       Add Your Candle Dye

Check the temperature of your wax, once it has hit 185 Fahrenheit depending on if you are using dye chips you’d need to carefully use a knife to shave pieces of the block into the melted wax and stir well. Stir well but not vigorously as this will cause air bubbles. Keep stirring until the liquid appears to be uniform in color then remove from the double boiler from heat.

If you are using liquid dyes you may repeat the same steps but to begin only add 1 to 2 drops of liquid dye, stir well and then adjust the color as needed.


liquid dyes for candles


Candle Dye Chips/Blocks

  • To start, use only ¼ - ½ of a dye block and 1 chip per pound of wax being
  • Take one block or one chip and shave it down into your wax for an easier melt, if the color is too light add more dye to your

Liquid Candle Dye

  • To start, use only 1- 2 drops of liquid dye per pound of wax being
  • Stir the liquid dye thoroughly in your wax, and adjust color as needed but be sure not to add too much liquid dye as it may affect the way your candle will burn. Note that if you are crafting non-fragranced candles or wax melts, add the dye when the wax gets up to your pouring temperature (your pouring temperature depends on the wax you are crafting )

We recommend you always test out trying new colors or even mixing colors to your liking, but be sure to take note on which dyes and how much of each dye you are using when creating for future use.

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