How to Begin selling your candles

Are you a seasoned candle maker and would like to begin selling your handmade candles? If the answer is yes, but you don’t know where or how to start selling, worry no longer our candle making expert is here to help!

Note: In this blog I will let you know the necessary steps it will take to begin selling your candle, not what you need to do in order to launch your candle business.

Before I go over all the necessary steps it will take to begin selling your candles I'd like you to ask yourself one important question? Are your candles ready to sell?

Meaning have you made at least 83 candles and have done the necessary tests for your candles to be sustainable to safely burn in other peoples homes. If you believe your candles are ready to sell, let's get started!

Find a reliable Supplier

How to Begin selling your candles

When you first begin crafting candles it’s easy to get your supplies offline from different sources as well as from store fronts depending on what you need for your at home projects. Now that you are taking the next step, to begin profiting of your candles you will need a candle supplier that will be reliable and carry all the necessary supplies you will need for your candles. This is Important because once you begin selling your candles you will notice what products your customers like and will consistently be coming back for and you will need those specific products previously used.


Where do you want to sell your candles?


sell your candles


There are many ways to sell your candles, you can sell your homemade candles almost anywhere from online sites, your very own online store, via apps on your phone, becoming a vendor at your local crafts markets/fairs, on Instagram or by even setting up a Facebook shop. Homemade candles are very popular and travel well so it is easy to sell them both on and offline.

Get a sellers permit


permit for selling candles


Depending on where you live and the different rules regarding selling homemade products you may need to follow legal steps to ensure you will be safe to sell as well as if your candles are eligible to sell in certain spaces.

To obtain a sellers permit in California please headover to Obtaining a Seller's Permit ( to learn more.

Market your Products


market your candles


In recent years there has been an influx in the candle making industry, so when it comes to selling your candles you will have many competitors; it is crucial that you come up with marketing strategies to optimize the candle making sellers market. Many candle sellers and both small and large candle businesses take advantage of social media outlets to promote and market their candles.

Begin selling your products!


How to Begin selling your candles 1


Important Notes:  When you are selling your candles it is also important to know your target audience because who you are selling to is who you also need to target your marketing toward. It is also important to know that you will need to establish a brand for yourself meaning a name and niche, who are you and why should people buy your candles?

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