Fun at home beeswax candle-making project!

During these hot summer days, it can be tricky trying to find something fun and engaging for you and your family to do together especially, when celebrating national holidays like Father’s day and more indoors. Take a look at this fun at-home beeswax candle-making project to do with your family, with 5 easy steps and simple supplies needed.

In this at-home project, we will be crafting candles using 100% beeswax honeycomb sheets!

Honeycomb sheets are unscented and easy to use, requiring no heat or added fragrance. These honeycomb sheets can easily be cut into designs and appliqués and the best part is they come in a variety of different bright colors so you can take your creativity in any direction you’d like.

To begin, you need the following supplies:


  • 100% beeswax honeycomb sheets
  • 1/0 square raw or waxed wick
  • Heat gun or Blow dryer
  • Crafting knife

Let's get rolling! Follow these five easy steps to crafting with Beeswax Honeycomb Sheets:


candle-making project with beeswax sheets 100% BEESWAX Honeycomb Sheet (SINGLE)


  1. Place the sheet on a cutting mat or table, and using a sharp knife, make the appropriate cuts (cuts can be made to create shorter or less bulky candles.)
  2. Warm the wax sheet gently with a hairdryer or heat gun to make it soft and pliable. (optional step)
  3. Lay the wick along the edge of the beeswax sheet and carefully fold the edge over the wick.
  4. Applying even pressure with both hands, begin to roll the candle, making sure to keep it straight so the bottom of the candle will be even when it is completely rolled.
  5. Press the seam (edge) of the sheet down to keep it from unrolling. (If necessary, heat again to stick it down.)

Now, you can add candle glitter or any other decorations to your candle to customize as your own.


beeswax candle decoration


Beeswax sheets are soft and flexible and can be easily rolled up to make candles with a natural aroma. Crafting with beeswax material will ensure your candle can be used for a long time. 100% beeswax honeycomb sheets are perfectly suitable for candle-making, crafts, modeling, bowstring waxing, sealing bottles and jars or just for plain decorating. These uniquely textured sheets are available in different vibrant colors and can be used for rolling taper candles and pillar candles.

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