Fragrance oils vs. Essentials oils : Defining oils for scented candles

Crafting candles can be very exciting, especially when you begin to explore new add-ons to your candle making supplies like Dyes and Fragrances. When candle making it is very important that you know exactly what products will work best for you as well as the ingredients that your products contain.  In this blog, our candle making expert will explain the differences and similarities between Fragrance oils vs Essential oils in candles.  

When crafting a candle, to create a blissful scented candle that will feel your space with its subtle, yet captivating aroma you will use either a fragrance oil or an essential oil. 

Both scent makers have their similarities as well as differences. Before we are able to really compare these two scent makers, it is important to know exactly what each oil is. 

  • Defining Fragrance oils and Essential oils 

Fragrance oils are defined as a concentrated blend of synthetic or natural aroma components used to create a scented oil. In addition, fragrance oils have been mixed with scentless carrier oils allowing the aroma to be lightweight which will allow your scent to come through once burned.

Essential oils are defined as a concentrated oil derived from an organic/ natural substance (plant material, flowers, leaves, wood, grass). In addition, these oils are referred to as “essential” as they contain the strongest scent that a particular plant, root, or flower contains embodying it’s full essence.

  • Fragrance oils vs. Essentials oils 


Now that we have gone over the actual definition of each oil and their components. We can now take a deeper look and compare the differences as well as similarities between the two. The differences vary as they are priced, crafted, and preferred by candle makers differently. 


  • When using either Fragrance oils or Essentials oils It’s important to understand that the two oils are different as they are produced in very different ways.
  • Essential oils are produced with natural/organic plants and components as fragrance oils are crafted using chemical compounds. Both Manufacturing processes are more extensive then what I will explain here, but the main difference between the two oils is that essential oil requires plants for the scent to be crafted and fragrance oils do not. 
  • Once you’ve crafted a candle with either fragrance oils or essential oils another difference that is seen between the two, is the scent throw. Fragrance oil candles have a stronger scent, as fragrance oils are manufactured specifically for the purpose of delivering a strong scent which creates a more intense/stronger smelling candle. 
  • Essential oils are manufactured in their purest, non-diluted form, making them more concentrated. In order to match the scent intensity of a fragrance oil candle more essential oil will need to be added to your wax when crafting candles with essential oils.


Here at General Wax our Fragrance oils range in prices as low as $3.75 up to $15.00 depending on the type of fragrance oil you will be purchasing as well as the size of the fragrance oil. 

Essential oil and fragrance oil differ in price as the process to produce each oil are different. Essential oils are derived from plant/organic matter which makes for a costly production process resulting in higher priced oils. 

Essential oil candles also require more oil in order to produce the scent intended, which also will result in a more costly candle making process. However, essential oil candles have many aromatherapy benefits which may up the value of your candle; making the cost more than worth it. 


wax melting

While essential oils and fragrance oils are different, the candles produced with either Oils using specific measurements can create a great smelling candle.  

Fragrance oils and Essentials oils can both be used for your at home projects as well as specifically used for candle making. They will both leave your candle as well as space smelling pungent. 

Fragrance types 

Here at General Wax, we currently carry two main families of fragrances: Regular and Ultra. To learn more about our fragrance oils please visit our previous blog:


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