General Wax and Candle

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Looking for Candles of all Kinds?

General Wax & Candle Co., the parent company of CandleMakingSupplies, also offers a variety of candle-finished goods and other candle products such as accessories, holders, and other candle paraphernalia.

From everyday candles for your home to industry-specific products, browse our candle catalogue to find candles matching your needs, at wholesale pricing.

General Wax Candle Company 34

Our Fireside collection, everyday pillars and tapers, perfect for homes, restaurants, events and floral compositions.

We specialize in Religious Products!

With over 70 years of expertise, we specialize in candles for religious purposes and provide religious institutions across the country with the best quality candles in the industry.

To name a few products, we carry paschal, votives, offering lights, sacramental candles, processional and congregation candles, wedding and baptism candles, as well as incense and charcoal.

Religious Candles

Our newest applique paschal pillars, with handcrafted 3D designs.