When to add candle colorant to your wax

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When to add candle colorant to your wax

Many new candle makers often wonder how to get the best results when attempting to color their wax. While candle makers may be familiar with the process of adding different types of colorant to their wax in order to create a beautiful-looking candle, the majority of beginners struggle with when they should be adding their colorant to their wax blend. Adding colorant to your wax while it is too hot can cause the color to not consistently incorporate with the wax, while adding it to your wax when too cold can cause the colorant to not dissolve completely, leaving behind annoying dye particles.


pouring candle dye into the wax


The process of adding colorant to your candle

Adding colorant to your wax blend is a very easy and simple process, the hardest part may be cleaning up! The first thing to note would be the amount that should be added to each pound of wax, which would depend on the type of colorant being used. If you are using liquid dye, one drop of dye should be enough to color a whole pound of wax. If you are using candle dye chips, one whole chip would be enough to color one pound of wax. As for dye blocks, shaving pieces off of the block would change the shade of the color you are looking to add. On average, a dye block would be able to color 5-50 lbs. of wax per block, so use very sparingly for a lighter shade. Please note that testing should always be done in order to ensure you receive your preferred color shade. Putting a couple of drops of wax on a white piece of paper will show the current color at which your wax will cool at.


melting wax in the double boiler


When to add your colorant

The most important thing to remember before adding your candle colorant is the state your wax must be at in order to begin adding. Your wax must be fully melted in order to fully incorporate any colorant. Depending on the wax you are using, most times the wax would have fully melted at around 175°- 185° F. You want to add your colorant during this state in order to receive the best results. Adding candle colorant while the wax is still in a solid state or when the wax is too hot will result in the colorant underperforming. Dye chips/blocks for candles melt smoothly around 160°-180° F, so it is recommended to once again test different temperatures around that range in order to find which gives you the best result. Liquid dyes can be added any time after the wax has fully melted into its liquid state, although be aware of going too low a temperature or too high.


cutting candle colorant chips for adding to wax adding red candle colorant to the wax


How does fragrance oil affect the process of when colorant should be added?

One final factor that can affect the timing of when the candle colorant should be added to your wax is the addition of candle fragrance oil. Fragrance oil can affect the chemical makeup of any colorant, so it is important to know the steps to take in order to incorporate both into your wax blend. The first thing to note is that your fragrance oil should always be added first. Adding your fragrance oil after the colorant can cause major color changes and will result in the wax undergoing discoloration. In order to have a wax blend that works with both fragrance oil and colorant, you must use products that will be compatible with one another. For example, a fragrance oil with a flash point between 130°-180° can be compatible with any candle colorant due to the lesser hazard this fragrance oil will cause due to its flash point. For fragrance oils that have flash points at 130° F or lower, it would be best to use liquid dye due to the fact that liquid dye will leave less dye particles once your wax has cooled and reverted back to a solid state. It is important to always do extensive research on the products you are using in order to receive the best, and safest results for your candles.


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Red Candles: How to dye candles

Red Candles How to dye candles

Red Candles: How to dye candles

Making your own candles is already a fun and exciting accomplishment to start, but how can you take it to the next level? Plain white candles can be often boring and dull, but adding color to your candles can spice things up, especially for the holiday season of Christmas. A color that stands out during the Christmas season is the color red. Red reminds us of the many icons we think of during Christmas which include, Red Stockings, candy canes, and of course Santa Claus!


adding dyes to your candles


The idea of adding color to your candles may seem like a difficult task, but this process can be completed within a few easy steps. First, you must melt the wax you are using to make the candles, make sure it is completely melted before proceeding. Next, add the colorants of the specific color you are looking to make, in this case, we would be using red. Finally, pour the wax into your mold, and you’ll have yourself a beautiful colored candle!


red dye blocks for red candles



The best colorant to use in order to make your candles red would be candle dye. There are three dyes in particular that are used for coloring wax, they include, liquid candle dye, dye blocks, and food coloring. It would be your personal preference based on which colorant gives you the best look for your candle, but all three work great with wax.


liquid dye for candles



If you are using liquid dye, about 1 ounce of dye should be enough color for 125 lbs. of wax. So it is safe to say that one drop should do the trick for coloring your wax red. If you are using dye blocks or dye chips, it is recommended to shave off a couple of flakes in order to have a lighter shade of red, or if you are looking for a darker shade, you may add half a block or the whole dye block to receive a darker shade of red.


red candle dyes



Depending on which colorant you will be using to color your wax, you would have to add them based on the temperature. For dye blocks, the recommended temperature at which you should be adding them is 185 F. For liquid dye, you may add one drop during the melting point in order to see the best results. We always recommend testing the results first in order to know how much should be added and at what temperature point the colorant should be added in order to best fit the candle you envisioned making.


candle fragrance oils for red candle



Now that you have made your very own red-colored candles, it may feel like something more could be added to make them even more special. Adding some fragrance oil could help elevate the creativity of your candle. It is recommended to add the fragrance oil to the melted wax before adding the colorant to your mixture. Depending on the wax, we would recommend adding 1 ounce per pound of wax to get the best results.


red, yellow and pink candles in jars



These steps go beyond more than just red holiday candles; it applies to whatever colors your imagination is set on. You can create multi-color candles that represent a multitude of holidays. You can create a blue and pink candle to represent the new baby at a gender reveal party, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and creativity. So go on and create some beautiful Christmas-themed candles, or create whatever your imagination envisioned.


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Everything candle makers need to know about Dyes

Everything candle makers need to know about candle Dyes

Everything candle makers need to know about Dyes

Once you’ve successfully made your first batch of candles you may want to add a personal touch by switching up it’s appearance. For most candle makers that means adding some color to your wax but it’s not always easy picking which types of candle dyes to use when making candles.

Our candle making expert is here to help! Here’s everything you need to know about the types of candle dyes from our candle-making expert!

          1. What type of dye should I use?

Here at General Wax & Candle Co. we carry four different types of dye all of which can be used for candle making projects. It’s important when you begin candle making that you pick not only the right dye that will suit your needs but the correct dye for the type of wax and wick you will be crafting with.

Pay close attention to which dyes mix better with which wax and which dyes will affect the way your wick will burn when going through dye types, to avoid any issues with your candles.

          2. Dye Types

Block Dyes


Candle Making Dye Block Pack Of 2Candle Making Dye BlocksCandle Color Dye Blocks Pack of 60 Bulk Red

Available in 27 colors, these dye blocks are intended to mix with soy and paraffin wax. These dye blocks can be shaved down into smaller pieces to create lighter shades. The more dye you add the darker the color shade will become. You may also mix multiple dyes to achieve different  colors.

A 12 piece block of dye will color 5-50 lbs. of wax, depending on the color shade you are trying to achieve. Available in single packs, 12 packs and 60 packs.

Diamond Candle Chip Dyes



Our dye chips are easy to use and are available in 53 vivid colors. These color chips dye 1 lb. of candle wax creating a medium shade. Each pack contains 20 color chips of 14 grams and will color approximately 10 to 11 lbs. of wax.

It is important to note that the following 9 chips contain a pigment that makes for brighter colors but may be hard to consume. Pigments may clog your wick and cause the flame to become smaller. Be sure to test as needed to ensure your candle will burn properly.

White Candle Dye Flakes


Small White Dye Flakes For Candle MakingWhite Dye Flakes for Candle Making 1 LB

These dye flakes are considered to be superior to our dye blocks as you will get whiter results using these flakes. Unlike the old dye block, these flakes will not clog your wick and  burn easily. 1 pack (1-oz / 30 grams) will color approximately 10-11 pounds of wax.

These dye flakes are available in 1 ounce pack bags as well as in bulk of 1 lb. bags.

Liquid Candle Dye


Liquid Dye For Candle Making SmallLiquid Dye For Candle Making Large

Our concentrated Liquid Dye works great with paraffin, soy, coconut, beeswax and palm wax. When adding this liquid to your wax it is important that you thoroughly stir this dye into your wax to ensure that your candle will burn correctly.

It is recommended to add this dye to your wax at around 185 – 165 F. Colors may vary with different wax/fragrance/additive combinations.

Available in 1 ounce containers as well as in bulk size of 1 pound containers.