Pre-tabbed 32-24 Cotton Core Waxed Wick - 200 Pieces Per Bag

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Product Description

This wick is coated in wax to help it burn better. The wax coating on the wick makes the candle easier to light, and also helps the wick stand up straight inside the pool of liquid wax, which is formed while the candle burns. Recommended for use in 1-2" diameter container candles. Also known as "C" wick.

Technical Information*:
Burn rate (wax consumption) = 0.12 ounces per hour
Melt pool diameters:
3 hour burn test: 1 3/4"
6 hour burn test: 2"
Flame height: 0.8"

*All information is approximate and provided for comparison purposes only. Based on a 140° F melt point pure paraffin candle, an initial wick height of 1/4 inch, and room temperature of approximately 75° F. Results may vary according to formula, type and melt point of wax, initial wick height, and room temperature, among other factors. The best way to determine the right wick for a particular candle is by trial and error testing.

5.5 inches
13.97 cm

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Pre-tabbed 32-24 Cotton Core Waxed Wick - 200 Pieces Per Bag

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