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Beeswax: Wicks & Sheet Wicks

Beeswax: Wicks & Sheet Wicks

Bleached square wick was originally designed for beeswax candles. Today, this wick is used in all types of natural waxes.

This unique construction combined with our chemical treatment processes make it an excellent choice for waxes that are highly viscous when molten, like beeswax and vegetable wax.

Bleached square is engineered to curl while burning, minimizing carbon build up. This wick is constructed of 100% natural fibers.

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1/0 Square Raw Wick - 10 yd Pack

1/0 Square Raw Wick - 100 yd Spool

1/0 Square Waxed Wick - 10 yd Pack

1/0 Square Waxed Wick - 100 yd Spool

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