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Cargill C1 Soy Based Container Candle Wax Blend (5 lb. bag)

Product Description

Genetically Modified Statement - Cargill NatureWax® Soybean based Wax Products

Date Issued: June 12, 2015

Our manufacturing processes separate the protein from the oil to create oils that are GMM free. We use only GMM free oils to create our waxes. Our wax has been tested using the PCR test method (the industry standard used to verify non-GMO claims), and the qualitative test results have shown that GMO’s are “Not detected.”
- - -

This is vegetable blend wax from Elevance is 80% soy wax and 20% palm wax. C1 was our first generation soy wax and retains a sizeable following. It  has good resistance to bloom (white frosting) and "wet spots" while producing an excellent scent throw with fragrances. It maintains an even burn pool with consistent color retention. Like C3, it has good glass adhesion.

It is blended specifically for container candles and produces opaque, creamy looking candles. When cooling, shrinkage is minimal however most jars will require touchup with a heat gun or a second pouring.

This soy wax comes in flake form and quite effective when used for votives, tarts and cosmetics. Use silicone mold spray to aid in mold release. Stearic powder can be added for hardness to maintain an all-vegetable wax formula. It has a melt point of 126° F and a flash point >600° F.

  • We suggest pouring at 150° F +/- 5°.
  • Fragrance oil load: 6% - 10 %
  • Suggested wicks are HTP series



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Cargill C1 Soy Based Container Candle Wax Blend (5 lb. bag)

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