Candle wax types. What’s the best for container candles?

Container candles are some of the most popular types of candles in today's modern candle-making world. They are extremely fun to make and they are beautiful to look at depending on the type of glass you decide to house your candles in. Many beginners love to make container candles due to their simplicity. Using the correct wax in order to make a container candle is critical for the performance of your candle.


candle wax types


The best wax for your candles?

Having a wax that can provide an even burn, as well as hold both fragrance and color well is crucial to creating the perfect container candle. In order to receive the best performance from your container candle, it is best to use Soy Wax! Soy wax is great for container candles due to its extended burn time, little to no soot burn, and its great scent throw.

Soy wax provides an even burn so you get the most out of your candles. For all eco-friendly candle makers, not to worry, soy wax has been proven to have the cleanest burns so not only would you be creating amazing candles with this wax, but you would also be helping the environment. Soy wax has no toxins, so it would be less likely to trigger allergies. Overall, soy wax is not only the most compatible wax to use for container candles but it is also the safer and more eco-friendly option.


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Other candle wax types

Although soy wax is the clear-cut favorite for all container candles, it is important to know the differences between each wax. The most popular waxes that are used for candle-making are Soy Wax, Beeswax, Paraffin wax, and Coconut wax. We’ve already discussed why soy wax is great for container candles, but that doesn’t mean it’s best for every type of candle.

Paraffin wax is great for making taper candles and pillar candles. This wax holds color the best, and it is highly versatile in its usage. Paraffin wax is also very inexpensive which is why beginners usually start off with paraffin wax. Paraffin wax also does not burn as long as Soy wax making it less worth the while if you are looking for a long burn time.


beeswax for container candle



Beeswax, like paraffin, is great to use for taper and pillared candles. Beeswax has been for a long time making it the most reliable of the bunch. This wax has the longest burn time out of the rest, and it has little drip when compared to other waxes. Beeswax has a warm-toned flame which doesn’t give off any smoke from your candle, making it good for both your home and the environment. One downside for beginners is that this wax is much more expensive than paraffin and soy.

The reason for this is due to the natural production of this wax and the popularity of it. While beeswax is more of a higher quality when comparing burn time and the performance of other waxes, we wouldn’t recommend it for beginners who are not looking to break the bank when starting their candle-making journey.


coconut wax for candle making


Coconut Wax

Coconut wax is a newer wax that has very similar attributes to soy wax. In fact, more times than not, Coconut wax will usually be found in a blend with soy wax. This wax burns extremely well, giving an even burn to almost every candle. Many people think the coconut factor may affect the scent of their candle, but Coconut wax is actually scent free and works very well with fragrance oils.

Coconut wax is another great alternative for container candles if you would like a more vegan and eco-friendly wax. Although it is a great wax to use for beginners, it is often found in blends more than it’s sold on its own. For a purer wax, Soy will always be the go-to wax for great performance, great scent throw, and amazing compatibility with glass jars.

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