Candle Safety Tips

Candle Safety Tips: Candles are a great way to add a new aroma to your home as well as a great addition to your home décor! The love for candles can grow so great that it can become a great hobby that may or may not transform into an at-home business!

Although having candles in your home can be a great addition and making them from home can be convenient and fun, it's important that we take the necessary safety measures to ensure we keep ourselves and our neighbors safe.  The National Fire Protection Association reported that there are an average 21 home fires caused by candles, which can be prevented by following candle safety measures.

No matter your skill level or the amount of candles you’ve burned in your home it’s extremely important to continue taking safety precautions throughout your candle-making process and when it’s time to burn them.

Candle Safety Tips:  Safety equipment


Candle Safety Tips safety equipment for candle making  Candle Safety Tips safety equipment for candle-making


When crafting candles in your home or any workspace for that matter, it is important that you have the proper equipment within reach to make sure that your process runs smoothly and if there are any additional mishaps they can be taken care of right away.

Important safety equipment


Candle Safety Tips Important safety equipment


- Fire Extinguisher: Have a fire extinguisher nearby or in your work space. Much like cooking oil, using water to put out a fire near hot wax can cause the wax to behave more aggressively meaning it may splatter.

-  Safety Goggles: Use safety goggles when pouring wax into your vessels so that the wax doesn’t splash into your eyes.

- Heat resistance gloves or Potholders : Specifically for handling pans and other hot equipment. Using heat resistant gloves or potholders will prevent you from touching something hot and possibly causing a spill.

- First Aid Kit : It’s essential to have a first aid kit nearby or in your work space in case you need to tend to any injuries.

Candle Safety Tips:  Use proper candle making equipment


Use proper candle-making equipment


It’s important that you use proper candle-making equipment to ensure when crafting you are using the right equipment that will perform correctly for the many tasks that come with candle making.

  • Double Boiler: When crafting on a stove-top we recommend using the double boiler method, this will prevent your wax from getting too hot as it melts, and the heat will be distributed more evenly. Some candle makers prefer to use wax melters/warmers. We suggest when using wax melters/warmers that you pay close attention to your wax temperatures.
  • Candle vessels: It’s important you are using candle vessels and containers that are specifically made for candle making. This will ensure that your candles do not crack, leak or catch on fire. Do not use containers made from materials that may absorb wax or will not sustain high heat. Always check each container for defects prior to pouring your wax.
  • Supplies: It’s important that all the supplies being used in your candle making projects are intended for making candles. Always read the instructions for each product you are using and we recommend doing diligent research before purchasing your products.

Candle Safety Tips: Never leave your workspace unattended


yellow pillar candles yellow pillar candles in different height


 As much fun as crafting candles can be, it is a very tedious and time consuming process, but it’s important that you never leave wax to melt unattended or walk away from a lit stove. Even electric stoves and wax melters can pose a fire hazard if you leave the room while they’re on.

Keep your space clean


Candle Safety Tips wax pouring


Much like cooking it’s important to clean as you go when crafting candles to refrain from having unwanted spills or accidents like a cloth catching fire.

When crafting candles at home in your kitchen it’s important that you clean your space before you get started, cleaning up any cooking messes you may have had prior to starting your candle project. Cleaning up any cooking oil is especially important, as this can create a fire hazard. Also move any flammable products out of the way before getting started.

Ventilation in your workspace is also very important when crafting candles. Be sure to get airflow going by opening a window or using a fan to circulate the air in your workspace. Additionally, it may also be beneficial to tie back your hair or wear your hair in an updo. Not only does this keep your hair safe from any open flames, it also prevents any stray hairs falling into your products.


colorful candles


Overall, it is extremely important that when you are crafting a candle you take safety precautions to ensure you and your neighbors will not be put in danger. It is also important to read all the instructions listed on your products.


  • Keep Kids and Pets out of your workspace and away from any candle-making material. Also, refrain from having kids and pets within reach of burning candles.
  • Don’t burn candles for more than four hours
  • Extinguish candles appropriately using a snuffer of a safe candle lid.
  • To light a candle use a lighter specifically for candles or a long lighter.
  • Trim your wick before lighting a candle, trim the wick about ¼ inches. This will help to keep the flame from becoming too large.
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