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8 New Fragrances you need: A new fragrance for every season!

Scented candles derive their scent from fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are remarkably strong, true to life, Fragrance oils are used by both professionals and hobby candle and soap makers.

1. Shoot for the Moon


Shoot For The Moon - Candle Fragrance


This luminous candle fragrance opens with hints of crisps apple and sparkling red pear blended into an opulent heart of enchanting Honeysuckle, narcotic Tuberose and night blooming Jasmine before settling into a modern Vanilla Praline.

This enticing yet subtle fragrance will take you back to those chilly nights where the air is soft and the sky is dark but lit up with the light of a full moon.

2. Ethereal Waters

Ethereal Waters Candle Fragrance


What’s summer without a summer vacation? Transport yourself to a tropical island, breathing in the scent of ocean air and blue waters mingled with juicy tropical fruits, sparkling citrus and Open Aire.

With notes of Citrus Sea Salt, Peony, vanilla orchid and sweet conifer this candle fragrance will have you feeling like you're on a tropical island with sand at your feet and the beautiful ocean breeze every day of the week.

This enticing yet subtle fragrance will take you back to those chilly nights where the air is soft and the sky is dark but lit up with the light of a full moon.

3. Sugared Churros

Sugared Churros Candle Fragrance


Indulge your senses in the lovely fragrance notes of cinnamon and powdered sugar with nuances of chicory, warm clove and Mayan Vanilla.

This fragrance will take you back to those fun days at the state fair, reminding you of all the colorful  lights, endless games and that unforgettable smell of sweet snacks in the air.

4. Black Rose

Black rose candle fragrance


This beautiful scent begins with Italian mandarin and lotus flowers woven into a sophisticated network of Black Rose, Osmanthus and peach blossoms, backed by creamy Sandalwood and an accord of warm incense and night phlox.

With notes of  Lotus Flower, Rose, and Sandalwood this vibrant yet warm aroma is perfect for those candle makers who are looking for an energizing yet relaxing fragrance for their candles.

5. Queen of the Night

Queen Of The Night Candle Fragrance


The queen of the night flower inspires this beautifully bold white floral fragrance with notes of black plum, spicy ylang ylang and tempting jasmine that slowly recedes into the compelling patchouli and dark wood accords.

With notes of violet, jasmine, and cedar this floral fragrance will remind you of the peak of spring as winds pick up and flowers begin to bloom.

6. Coconut Husk & Ginger

Coconut husk ginger candle fragrance


Dive Into endless summer with the warmth of this captivating blend of sun-drenched bergamot, coconut husks, and white ginger lily combined with iridescent sands, amber aire  and vanilla woods.

This fragrance is perfect for candle makers looking to add a spark of summer to their candle line.

7. Autumn Dreams

Autumn Dreams Candle Fragrance


The essence of nature’s bounty is captured with fresh tea roses, fall mums and autumn berries laden with aromatic richness of cinnamon, clove and the warmth of Virginia cedar and silver birch.

With notes of Tea Rose, Cedar and Clove cinnamon this fragrance will remind of those cozy fall days.

8. Falala

Falala - Candle Fragrance


This sweet mouth-watering candle fragrance is a taste of Winter with topical fruits and holiday spices blended with fresh vanilla bean, creamy marshmallow and wonderful coconut frosting.

Blended with fresh vanilla bean, creamy marshmallow and wonderful coconut, this fragrance embodies your favorite holiday scents with a sweet twist.

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