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1. Best California Vibe: Summer Haze with CBD


The Summer Haze with CBD fragrance marries the freshness from citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit to the sweetness of apples.

With calming and soothing properties from rose petals and CBD extracted from premium cannabis leaves, this unique fragrance is crisp and relaxing, just like the sound of the ocean waves.

CBD is also a different cannabinoid than THC, the main compound found in cannabis. CBD has no psychoactive effect. However, it is known for its calming and therapeutic effects.

If you are looking for a fragrance that smells like your last vacay in Santa Monica for your next candle batch, we recommend you try the Summer Haze with CBD.

  • Summer haze + cbd candle fragrance oil

    SUMMER HAZE – Candle Fragrance Oil

    As Low As $5.50

2. Best Earthy Yet Sensual Fragrance: Sunkissed Turmeric


Sunkissed Turmeric is the marriage of citrus notes from fresh-cut lemongrass to the earthy notes of turmeric. This fragrance is earthy and refreshing, energizing, and sensual.

Turmeric was used in ancient civilizations for its therapeutic and overall wellness virtues. Nowadays, it gained popularity and is used for its natural anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps increase the antioxidant capacity of your body.

Turmeric is present in food such as curry giving its orangy colors, drinks, particularly in teas, but also in more cosmetics than you could think of.

Turmeric also contains curcumin, a natural compound that researchers linked to improved brain function, limiting brain diseases, but also proven to increase testosterone levels, the hormone that boosts your libido.

We recommend this fragrance to candle makers looking for an energizing, uplifting scent for their next candle batch.

3. Best Summer Drink Fragrance: Pineapple Dream


What's a summer without a good summer drink? If you're looking for a scent that will remind you of that piña colada you drank on the beach, look no more.

The notes from sweet mango and guava elevate the fresh scent of pineapple.

If you are looking to make your candle batch smell like the memories of warm, fun summer days, then this is the fragrance you need!

  • PINEAPPLE DREAM Candle Fragrance oil

    PINEAPPLE DREAM Candle Fragrance oil

    As Low As $6.50

4. Best Floral Garden Fragrance: Citrus Lilac


Citrus Lilac is a long walk in the park on a warm day in June when all the flowers and trees finally blossomed. Citrus Lilac is a fresh and flowery fragrance: the floral throw from both purple and white lilacs married with a fresh and citrusy touch from the lemon will take you on an outdoor journey.

For candle makers looking to make a batch that smells fresh like a floral summer garden, we highly recommend you try the Citrus Lilac!

  • Citrus lilac candle fragrance oil

    CITRUS LILAC – Candle Fragrance oil

    As Low As $5.50

5. Best Oriental Summer: Black Oud


The sensual scent of Black Oud will certainly take you on a journey to the Middle East, with notes of aromatic cedar and dark patchouli softened under a comforting veil of lavender and amber.

From the Arabic "Oudh" (translated as "wood stick"), Black Oud has a strong and complex scent. It often is the base note of a perfume composition. This unique scent is derived from dark resin found in the trunk of century-old Aquilaria trees. Black Oud has a cultural and religious significance since ancient civilizations because of its deep woody scent, persisting and evolves over the whole day.

We recommend this fragrance to candle makers who want to make a bold and luxurious candle batch.

  • BLACK OUD candle Fragrance oil

    Black Oud – Candle Fragrance Oil

    As Low As $5.50

6. Best Dreamy Summer Fragrance: Coconut Milk & Mimosa


Mimosa's sweet and complex scent was used from Egypt to Nepal to create incense for rituals ever since mythology. In many ancient civilizations, mimosa represents a symbol of resurrection and immortality. In aromatherapeutic formulas, it is also believed to help with stress and anxiety.

The marriage from the sweet and creamy coconut milk to the deep scent of mimosas gives this fragrance a deep honey-like yet airy and delicate throw.

We suggest candle makers who like sweet and dreamy fragrances to give the Coconut Milk & Mimosa a try.

  • Coconut milk & mimosa candle fragrance oil

    Coconut Milk & Mimosa – Candle Fragrance Oil

    As Low As $5.50

7. Best Summer Night Fragrance: Cashmere Vanilla


Cashmere Vanilla is the union of the warm, herbal, light musk base of cashmere to the creamy vanilla with top notes of lilies of the valley, sandalwood, and amber.

This fragrance is fresh yet warm, just like a long summer night. It is luxurious and sumptuous.

We recommend this fragrance to candle makers who want to produce a batch that smells rich and sophisticated.

  • CASHMERE VANILLA candle Fragrance oil

    CASHMERE VANILLA Candle Fragrance Oil

    As Low As $5.50

8. Best Summer 2021 Fragrance Overall: Rosewater & Chamomile


Rose fragrances always had a significant place in the market. Long considered a feminine scent, especially during the 20th century when gendered perfumes gained traction, it is now used in various gender-neutral fragrances and other unisex cosmetics. In fact, rosewater has a long history of being used for both genders, from the ancient Greek civilization to France, where it was heavily used in men's body oils in the 18th century.

Roses are also known for their therapeutic properties: their aroma is used as an anti-depressant as it is known to calm and uplift. Scientists also discovered roses' antibacterial and antifungal properties. Roses were also used to stimulate sex drive.

Chamomile on the other end has floral and sweet tones. It has been used since the earliest civilizations for its soothing, calming, and relaxing properties. It is known to help with digestion, sleep, anxiety, stress, and even healing. Chamomile has a sweet yet delicately fresh scent.

We believe Rosewater & Chamomile to be the scent of Summer 2021. Its fresh and complex scent is delicate. It is a classic scent revised into a modern, timeless fragrance that will appeal to all.

  • Rosewater & chamomile candle fragrance oil

    ROSEWATER & CHAMOMILE – Candle Fragrance oil

    As Low As $5.50

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