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5 Spring Fragrances you need for your candle!

Looking to add some new vibrant fragrances to your Spring candle collection? Well you’re in the right place, not only are these fragrances of high quality but they are also affordable!


1. Eucalyptus fragrance 


Eucalyptus candle fragrance


Get energized with our earthy yet relaxing regular candle fragrance Eucalyptus. With fragrance notes of Mint Leaf, Sweet Orange and Cedarwood this candle fragrance will brighten your spirit as its refreshing, brisk vapors fill your space with its multifaceted scent.

Eucalyptus fragrance is perfect for the Spring as it's not only an energizing scent but it’s natural, sharp and  therapeutic. If you struggle with the allergies that come with spring our Eucalyptus candle fragrance would be a great addition to your line.

2. Lavender fragrance 


Lavender regular candle fragrance


All of our favorite flowers and floral scents bloom during the Springtime but an all time spring favorite is our Lavender regular candle fragrance. This fresh, natural medley of woodland herbs, precious woods, and vanilla musk creates an aroma that not only will captivate your space but will relax and refresh your mind.

Without being too pungent, Lavender is a combination of a sweet floral, herbal and woodsy scents, providing a healing and restorative fragrance. This Lavender candle fragrance is perfect for the spring as its timeless floral scent is everlasting.

3. Love spell fragrance 


Love spell candle fragrance


Inspired by Victoria's Secret's alluring floral scent, this regular candle fragrance features fragrance notes of Juicy peach nectar, golden pear, and sweet honeysuckle. Love spell will definitely put a spell on you as it’s soft, yet powerful aroma will leave you wanting more.

Love spell would be a great addition to your spring candle fragrance line as its alluring scent carries hints of shimmering green clover  with highlights of mandarin, and transparent musk reminding you that summer is just around the corner.

4. Rose fragrance 


Rose candle fragrance


Our Rose regular candle fragrance is a classic as its natural floral scent will remind of your favorite Spring bouquet. With fragrance notes of Musk, fruits and primeval savage roses this candle fragrance will embrace the fresh floral aroma of the spring day.

Great for your Spring candle collection as our Rose candle fragrance captivates the aroma of a blossoming spring meadow.


5. Sandalwood fragrance 


Sandalwood candle fragrance


Promote great sleeping habits with our Sandalwood regular candle fragrance. With soft notes of sandalwood and woodland sage merging with crisp, aromatic white cedar, shimmering bergamot and a hint of vanilla infused musk. Not only is this fragrance great for creating a romantic scent it also promotes calmness and low stress.

 This Sandalwood candle fragrance is great for the spring as sandalwood is known to have sedative effects that are perfect for those with insomnia or are hit hard by the changes of daylight saving that take place early spring. Besides calming your mind the sedative effects can also be used to treat headaches and migraines they may also come with Spring allergies.

  • Eucalyptus candle fragrance oil

    EUCALYPTUS – Regular Candle Fragrance oil

    As Low As $8.99
  • Lavender regular candle fragrance oil

    Lavender – Regular Candle Fragrance oil

    As Low As $6.50
  • Love spell candle fragrance oil

    Love Spell – Candle Fragrance oil

    As Low As $8.99
  • Rose candle fragrance oil

    ROSE – Candle Fragrance Oil

    As Low As $6.50
  • Sandalwood candle fragrance oil

    SANDALWOOD – Candle Fragrance Oil

    As Low As $8.99

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